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Emma Kay Robinson





Emma Kay Staggs Robinson

A native of Marshall, art has influenced Emma Kay Robinson's life from an early age. She began taking art lessons at age 10 from Mary Shelly and after graduating from Marshall High School in 1971, Emma was offered a job working in a custom frame shop. This sparked her passion for custom framing. Emma also continued her art education in Commerce at East Texas State University and Sam Houston State University at Huntsville.

Emma returned to Marshall in 1975 when she bought Colonial Art Gallery, operating it until 1985. During this time, she joined the Marshall Art League. Emma enjoyed painting and participating in workshops, exhibiting in shows and entering competitions.

"I always thought painting was like life - you know, following all the rules: get married, have 2.3 children and live happily ever after. It’s not that I didn't learn through it all. You still need to know perspective and color...the basics... but creativity comes from within the soul and these days that creativity has been unlocked and is allowed the freedom to come out."

In the spring of 2010, Emma was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. "When I recovered from surgery, I felt a need to express myself - not just on Facebook. After being away from painting for many years, I felt the urge to get back to the canvas."

“It's all about finding myself. Painting has allowed me to share my story of breast cancer, of the strength I have found. Two of my favorite paintings are abstracts - Walking Through the Storm and Out of the Darkness. Now, painting is all about being true to what God made me to be and reflecting that in my Art. I love color and movement. I enjoy painting from within - finding those emotions of life and releasing them into the paint.”

Emma now combines her passion for custom picture framing with a new found love of painting to create truly one-of-a-kind Emma Kay creations. "I am so lucky that I don't have a job. I get to work every day doing what I love - custom framing.” Having come full circle in her career, Emma now owns and operates Art World in Longview.

"Over the years I have learned patience and precision, framing the usual as well as the unusual. When you bring your framing requests to me, I treasure them like they were my own. You entrust me to help them last a lifetime - and beyond." To achieve this, Emma uses only archival quality materials on every piece in her care.

In early 2014, Emma faced her second bout with breast cancer. While awaiting surgery, she began painting on mannequin busts to help express her feelings about her journey. Today, Emma continues her healing through her ‘bust expressions.’ “I count myself blessed and give God all the glory. I wonder if I would be painting today if not for the breast cancer.”