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Hank Robinson




Kenneth Hank Robinson

Kenneth Hank Robinson, known to his friends and family as Hank, is a native of Marshall, Texas.  Hank was practically born in an art and frame shop as his mom, Emma Kay Robinson, owned Colonial Art Gallery in Marshall at the time.  Hank was surrounded by art influences and talented artists starting at 2 weeks of age. 

A graduate from Hallsville High School, Hank continued his art education at Tyler Junior College, as well as the University of North Texas.  After college, Hank moved to Austin and absorbed more artistic and musical influence in the great capital of Texas.

Hank returned to Longview in the summer of 2012 where he is now a full-time artist and framer at Art World.  “I don’t consider what I do for a living as work.  I love what I do and I am very fortunate to be able to express myself creatively.  Art is my therapy as every piece I create comes from within my soul and from my heart.”

Hank enjoys drawing Zen doodles, as well as painting with oils and has an interest in pottery.  “The creative mind is endless.  You can find art and beauty in pretty much anything you could imagine.  Imagination is the key to knocking down boundaries.  I credit my family for allowing me to be as creative as my imagination would let me be from childhood.  I am blessed to have my mother take me under her wing and guide me with her artistic wisdom.  I started creating art simply for my enjoyment, and I will never forget the day that I sold my first piece of art work.  I felt like I was on top of the world.” 

Hank is also involved in promoting equality for all, as well as fighting against bullying.  A few organizations he is involved in promoting are the NOH8 Campaign and The Trevor Project.  “I am a firm believer in the Golden Rule.  The energy you put out in the Universe is also what you will get in return.”

So next time you need an item framed or are looking for some of his unique art work, come see Hank at Art World in Longview, Texas.